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Q. My supplier did not receive the Taulia enrollment invitation email. How can I resend it?: 000008748

Article Number: 000008748

The invitation for enrollment in Taulia is always sent to suppliers via email. A supplier may not receive this email for various reasons. Sometimes the supplier accidentally deletes the email, cannot find it in his/her inbox, or lands in their Spam folder. Perhaps there is a typo in the email address or the identified recipient no longer works in the supplier’s organization. Whatever the reason, Taulia has a mechanism to resend the invitation. The email address can also be adjusted if needed. 

Instructions to check for info or steps to fix an issue

After the initial supplier invitation is triggered, you can no longer make adjustments to the supplier email or resend an invitation from your ERP system. Instead, you should log in to the Taulia Buyer UI to correct/resend the enrollment invitation.

You can resend the invitation to a supplier by doing the following:

1 - In the Taulia Buyer UI, select Suppliers > Supplier Center: 

User-added image

2 - Enter search criteria such as supplier name, supplier number, or email address to identify the supplier.  

User-added image

3 - Open the supplier by clicking on the supplier name or supplier number. The email to which the invitation was sent is displayed under the Contacts tab. Validate that this is the correct recipient for the enrollment invitation and that there are no typos. If you need to change this email address, skip to step 6.

4 - To resend the enrollment invitation to the same email listed under Contacts, click on the three dots and click Resend Invitation:

User-added image

5 -
 A success message stating that the invitation was sent will appear at the top of the screen. 

6 - If the enrollment invitation needs to be resent to a different email address, please select the exact supplier name and click on the user name, e-mail, or the three dots and click Edit

User-added image

7 - Enter the new or corrected email address for the invitation recipient under Email in the pop-up window and click Save or Save and Invite

User-added image

8 - A success message stating that the invitation was resent will appear at the top of the screen. 

The supplier should receive the new invitation within 15 minutes. If needed, please check with your supplier to confirm the invitation was received. You may also suggest that the supplier check their spam folder. 


  • Supplier users with status Active have already created an account and logged in to the supplier portal. For these users, you will neither be able to adjust the email nor resend their invitation email. The icons will be greyed out and the checkbox next to the supplier name cannot be selected. 

  • Generally, the supplier’s admin user is responsible for creating additional users within the supplier domain. If a supplier’s admin user has already activated their account but has left the organization and there are no alternative administrators for the account, contact Taulia Technical Services to request a new admin user for your supplier. 

Additional FAQs

Why can’t I see all of the features shown in the steps above?
You may not have the authorization to resend enrollment invitations. Only Taulia Buyer UI users with Admin, User, or Supplier Launch + Search roles have access to resend supplier enrollment invitations and adjust invitation email addresses. Please contact your Taulia Buyer UI administrator to perform the above procedure. 

Can I resend several invitations at the same time?
Yes. You may search for all suppliers who have been invited but have not yet enrolled by selecting Invited via Enrollment State drop-down menu. Select the checkboxes next to each supplier to whom you want to resend invitations. Click the Invite Suppliers button:

User-added image

Are any reminders sent to a supplier after the invitation is resent?
If the supplier does not activate their account, the system automatically generates a follow-up email every 7 days, until a total of 4 emails are sent. Enrollment Emails article.

What happens if the supplier name is empty?
If the Supplier Name field is empty on the Taulia Platform, the invitation process cannot proceed further. Address and supplier name information need to be successfully transferred to Taulia for a proper invitation to be generated. You can try to resend the supplier record from your ERP so that it will update. If that does not work, you can contact Taulia Technical Services for additional information. 

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Q. My supplier did not receive the Taulia enrollment invitation email. How can I resend it?: 000008748

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