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Q. How do I update my tax identifiers in the portal?: 000003611

Article Number: 000003611

Note - This feature may not be available in your portal.

Taulia makes it easy to view and manage the company tax identifiers from your customer's accounting system. Updates made through Taulia are sent to your customer's accounting system for review and approval. Taulia does not change/manage your tax information. The platform only relays information available in your customer's accounting system. Having your tax ID registered will assist in processing your invoices in a timely manner. 

To add/update your tax identifiers in the portal, follow the steps below:

1 - From the homepage, select your customer.

2 - Select My Details > Tax Identifiers.

User-added image

Important - If you see Accept New Tax ID, this means your customer updated your tax information in their system. You will need to select Accept New Tax ID to show the updated data in the platform. You can select Apply Deletion to remove the old ID. If the information applied is incorrect and your customer allows tax ID updates to be made in the portal, you can add a new tax ID and then delete the incorrect one.

3 - Select Add New Tax Identifier.

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4 -
Enter the following: 

  • Country - select from the drop-down list
  • Tax Type you want to add
  • Tax ID 
    • VAT registration - proper entry of VAT format is required. Please see VAT TAX GUIDANCE for the correct VAT format per country code. The VAT format varies per country. Using the incorrect VAT format will not be accepted. Please visit the site below to determine the correct VAT registration format for your country: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/managing/international/esl/country-codes.htm
    • Canada (HST, GST, QST, PST ) - If you are registered for GST, PST, HST, or QST, please register your identifiers.
  • Attach File (if available) - some customers may require their suppliers to attach supporting documentation when updating their tax ID.

5 - Select Submit.

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6 - You will see a message confirming that your new Tax ID has been accepted: "Your new tax ID is valid and has been added.If you have additional questions regarding your tax identifier, please contact your customer. 

Additional FAQs

How does Taulia receive and handle my company tax IDs?

The tax ID you see in Taulia comes directly from your customer's accounting system. Taulia is a data vehicle that relays this information to the platform which then allows you to see what tax ID your customer has for your company. Some customers also allow their suppliers to edit their tax IDs and add new tax IDs through Taulia. The changes are then sent directly to your customer for review and approval.

I changed my tax ID in Taulia but an old one keeps appearing. What should I do?

Because Taulia only relays information from your customer, if you keep seeing your customer apply an incorrect tax ID back to the platform, you must contact your customer directly.

I don't see the "My Details" option. What should I do?

Contact your customer to update your tax information. If the "My Details" option is missing, it means vendor master updates are not allowed by your customer through Taulia.

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