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WEC Energy Group - Creating an invoice against '491' series purchase orders.: 000008580

Article Number: 000008580

This article describes how to create an invoice against '491' series POs in the portal. These POs begin with a '491'.

1 - From the home screen, click on My POs.

2 - A list of POs available will be displayed. Use the search feature to narrow down your PO search. Once you find the PO, click on the action menu then select Create Invoice.

User-added image

3 - On the header record of the Invoice, enter the following:

  • Invoice Number

  • Supply date

  • Approver – enter the email address of the contact at WEC Energy group that should approve the invoice

User-added image

4 - From the Line Items section, you will then see the line items included in the PO.

  • If needed, change the value in the Quantity field. The line total will calculate based on the quantity and unit price for each item. 

  • Do not edit the Unit Price. If you have questions regarding the price, contact your buyer.

You can also remove a line by clicking 'X' on the line you want to remove.  

Note - Removal of the line will only remove it from the invoice you are entering; it will not permanently remove it from the Purchase Order. For multiple lines, you can click Select All and uncheck the lines you want to keep, then click Remove Selected.

User-added image

5 - Freight can be added, by clicking on the drop-down menu under Additional Items and selecting Freight and then clicking Add.

  • Enter the Amount of the freight charge.

User-added image

6 - In the Comments field, enter comments about the work order information or any other pertinent information about the invoice.

7 - An attachment can be added by clicking Upload Attachment. Use this to attach a copy of your invoice.

8 - The Invoice will automatically calculate the Subtotal and Invoice Amount based on the quantity, unit prices and freight entered.

9 - Click Submit Invoice to send the invoice to the WEC Energy Group SAP system.

User-added image

10 - The Confirm Submission will display, click Submit this Invoice to confirm your submission. Once submitted, your invoice cannot be deleted or edited.

User-added image

11 - A successfully submitted confirmation will display. The Invoice will now display in the My Invoices section of the portal.

User-added image
User-added image

12 - You can monitor the status of your invoice through the My Invoices section of the portal. Your invoice may have one of the following statuses below:

User-added image

If you have questions about the status of your invoice, contact WEC Energy Group.


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