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Taulia Release Notes - Spring 2024: 000010705

Article Number: 000010705

In this article, you will find the Taulia Release Notes for Spring 2024, presenting recent changes, improvements, feature enhancements, and bug fixes.

Taulia Platform
Taulia Payables


Taulia Platform

Supplier Center enhancements
For Taulia customers, we have added core-currency support and new data to the Supplier Center to improve the user experience.

  • See the reported values in the users’ preferred currency for a better experience and quicker understanding.
  • Additional fields (Spend Offered for Early Payment and Spend Taken Early) are used to search for and find information.

User-added image

The new data is available in the Supplier Center on the Taulia Platform.


Taulia Payables

Auto-payment of SAP Business Network invoices
With a new feature enhancement to Taulia Virtual Cards, you can now auto-pay supplier invoices on the SAP Business Network (SBN) in addition to your ERP system. An SBN dashboard widget lets suppliers enroll to receive payments by virtual card quickly and easily. Virtual card transactions flow without manual work due to a bi-directional sync with your SAP ERP system.

  • Truly scale a virtual card program to maximize issuer benefits
  • Reduce overhead required to manage virtual cards
  • Receive the benefits of automation without a costly IT project

User-added image

You must have Taulia Virtual Cards, SBN, and Taulia Add-on for SAP 5.1 (or for SAP Integration Suite Managed Gateway). Available in Initially Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Enhanced visibility of managed credit notes
This new enhancement lets you view which supplier invoices are effectively ineligible for early payment due to a negative credit note balance. Buyers can access this feature by going into the invoice details (under “Payables,” then “Invoice”) and clicking “Netted Position.” The display shows all invoices associated with the supplier’s credit position.

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Easily align with and address queries from suppliers regarding invoice eligibility for early payment.
You must have Taulia Payables (SCF and/or DD).  Available in All Taulia-supported geographies.

Improved ERP handling of advanced netting
This new functionality enhances Taulia’s advanced netting algorithm when credit notes are applied to invoices across due dates. Now, the details of fully netted invoices will be included in the ERP entry of the invoice, along with a residual amount that is being accelerated for early payment.

  • Streamline reconciliation with netting outcomes that are fully reflected in your SAP ERP system without manual work.
  • Ensure your suppliers’ credit note balance is applied and maintained in your system of record.

This new feature is now available with an upgrade to the Taulia Add-on for SAP 5.1. (Not available with Taulia AnyERP or any other Taulia integration solution.)
You must have Taulia Payables (SCF and/or DD) and upgrade to the Taulia Add-on for SAP 5.1. Available in All Taulia-supported geographies.

Domestic funding in new markets
For Taulia Supply Chain Finance customers, expanding early payment programs to new countries (see the list top right) is now possible because of jurisdictional licensure and direct funding integrations that allow payments to be made in domestic currencies.

  • Increase the working capital benefit and return on your Taulia Payables (SCF) program.
  • Support domestic currency flows in new markets.

You must have Taulia Payables (SCF). Available in Bulgaria, Romania, Tunisia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Please contact your Taulia customer success manager to explore SCF expansion into the abovementioned markets.

Assets by Day dashboard
For Taulia Payables customers, projecting supplier demand for early payments can be difficult. With the Assets by Day dashboard, these customers can view trends across invoicing in multiple dimensions - such as value and time - to determine the cash requirements to fund early payments at any given time.

  • Inform decisions about establishing liquidity limits based on supplier demand for liquidity throughout the year.
  • Determine the need for Flexible Funding 2.0 to offer third-party funding to fill in gaps not covered by dynamic discounting.
  • Filter outputs to view funding trends among banks (SCF) to better ascertain the value of the relationship.

The new dashboard is available by clicking Payables Financing under the Payables heading on the Taulia Platform. Then click Assets.

User-added image

You must have Taulia Payables (SCF and/or DD). Available in All Taulia-supported geographies.

Document-level reporting in Payables Measure
In a continuous effort to meet the IASB and FASB compliance requirements of Taulia Payables customers, we enhanced our Payables Measure dashboard. A new reporting feature within Payables Measure provides document-level reporting to make fully reconcilable IASB/FASB compliance easier.

  • Expands upon existing reporting functionality to allow users to document reports for roll-forward balances
  • Self-serve access to data that is critical to compliance reporting

The updated Payables dashboard is available under the Cash heading on the Taulia Platform.

User-added image

You must have Taulia Payables (SCF and/or DD) Available in All Taulia-supported geographies.

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