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Taulia Release Notes - Spring 2023: 000010703

Article Number: 000010703

In this article, you will find the Taulia Release Notes for Spring 2023, presenting recent changes, improvements, feature enhancements, and bug fixes.
Taulia Platform
Taulia Payables
Taulia Receivables
Taulia Invoice Automation


Taulia Platform

New user interface for Invoice Search
The Invoice Search feature has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide users with quicker, easier access to their payables invoices on Taulia. These changes allow for more data to be exported and align with the user experience enhancements on other pages, such as the Supplier Center page. 

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Taulia Collaborate on the Platform
We developed a new interface to manage and reply to inbound supplier inquiries about invoices, purchase orders, or payments directly from the Taulia Platform instead of the SAP Add-on.

  • Taulia Collaborate helps buyers centralize and streamline the supplier dispute and inquiry process, moving away from analog phone calls and disparate emails.
  • This feature is now available to all customers who are buyers on Taulia, regardless of their ERP configuration with Taulia. Please reach out to your Taulia program success manager for details.

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Self-service API keys

New customers can now provision API keys needed for integration into Taulia directly from the platform. Existing customers can manage their existing keys and monitor integration activity.

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Supplier Management improvements 
The risk-scoring module associated with the change of banks in our Supplier Management product has been updated to more accurately reflect the risk associated with each change and new data element to aid buyers in their bank-approval process. The update will reduce the likelihood of accepting a fraudulent bank account change and, in turn, losses due to fraudulent payments.

Payables Measure with FASB compliance tools
Flexible analytic tools to measure the working capital impact created by changes in spend, changes to underlying payment terms, and individual invoice payment variance (early and late payments).

  • Connected organizations can now measure and analyze the working capital impacts of terms adjustments, early payment programs, and other payment practices.
  • Taulia customers can use the data obtained from the Working Capital Measure to comply with U.S. GAAP disclosure requirements for SCF.

Introducing the Taulia Add-on for Oracle EBS
For customers that have Oracle Enterprise Business System (EBS) and would like to integrate with Taulia, the new Add-on provides a faster, more cost-effective way to ramp than file-based methods.

  • By leveraging the Taulia-built Add-on to connect to Taulia, Oracle EBS, customers can now connect their ERP to the Taulia platform with minimal internal IT effort.
  • Currently supports Taulia Payables, including Supply Chain Finance (no-paying-agent model), Dynamic Discounting, and Taulia Virtual Cards.
  • The Taulia Add-on for Oracle EBS is available for customers in all geographies.

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Taulia Payables

Payment reference support (Norway)
The update helps Norwegian suppliers easily and accurately reconcile payments to invoices.

Bank account payment integration improvements & expansion
This includes projects to expand our Goldman Sachs offerings globally, specifically: 

  • Support for cross-border ACH payments, MXN payments (through Baiza Capital LLC), AUD, USD/JP Payments, etc.
  • Enhancements allow for faster recovery in the event of a payment failure, reducing customer payment delays.

Unicredit direct funder integration for Italy
This update provides a new structure for suppliers in Italy to get early payment financing in compliance with Italian regulations, which differ significantly from other regulations in such countries.

Enhanced onboarding for suppliers with funder/country-specific onboarding requirements
A new, scalable onboarding experience streamlines suppliers’ path to liquidity by collecting any additional information and documents required by specific funders or country requirements in an intuitive and integrated unified interface.

  • Based on the location of the supplier and the funding requirements, suppliers are prompted to provide all the data required to enroll in their early payment program.
  • The Taulia platform will leverage vendor master data via its ERP integration, previously submitted data, and other sources to pre-fill information where possible to make things even easier.
  • This information will be directly integrated with funder onboarding processes to eliminate any need for the supplier to go to another bank-specific platform for entering onboarding information.

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Credit note netting for dynamic discounting.

We have updated Taulia Payables to enable credit note netting — the ability to automate offering residual invoice amounts for early payment to suppliers — for dynamic discounting, previously available with only supply chain finance.

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Taulia Virtual Cards integration using AnyERP
Taulia customers now have full integration support to roll out Taulia Virtual Cards in connection with any ERP system included in the implementation, using Taulia’s file-based integration solution, AnyERP.


Taulia Receivables

Introducing the new Receivables Planner
Our new scenario planner lets companies visualize the working capital potential of their receivables. Receivables Planner identifies opportunities to accelerate cash flow through various potential scenarios, including complementary AR and AP strategies.

  • Please contact your Taulia program success manager to learn more or to initiate the configuration of your Receivables Planner.
  • Once configured, you can revisit your outcomes or run new scenarios on-demand without Taulia's assistance.

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Taulia Invoice Automation

Certified PEPPOL service provider
Taulia can now act as an access point for companies that want to exchange business documents with businesses or government agencies on PEPPOL, which is an open network prominently used in Europe.

  • Unlike other networks, PEPPOL leverages standards and a unified registry to send and receive documents like POs, shipping notices, and invoices without prior testing.
  • Contact your Taulia program success manager to learn more.

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