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Taulia Release Notes - Spring 2022: 000010701

Article Number: 000010701

In this article, you will find the Taulia Release Notes for Spring 2022, presenting recent changes, improvements, feature enhancements, and bug fixes.

Taulia Platform
Taulia Payables
Taulia Receivables

Taulia Platform

User experience updates
We have made it easier for suppliers managing multiple customer relationships to navigate between and across their customer relationships to simplify their ability to interact with the platform.
Allows companies that are both buyers and suppliers to manage all Taulia configurations and tasks within a unified user experience to eliminate redundancies, saving time and effort.

ESG analytics
Taulia’s ESG analytics tool empowers you to reach and reward suppliers based on ESG performance or for reasons of economic justice, elevating your own ESG initiatives. 

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The analytics is an out-of-the-box solution for both DD and SCF and provides a comprehensive view of ESG progress across the supply chain so that you can maximize your impact.
Easily incorporate multiple data sources — ESG rating agencies, supplier attestations, and data you may already have – to improve your supply chain’s ESG impact.

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Taulia Add-on for SAP 4.1
Version 4.1 is fully compatible and will be certified with SAP S/4 HANA 2021
We now offer streamlined implementation of the Taulia Direct integration method with the Taulia Integration Assistant.

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This version of the Taulia Add-on provides enhanced flexibility and agility for our Working Capital Management products:

  • Delivered readiness for receiving invoice-level EP instructions for SCF flexible funding
  • Improved payee application logic for JPM Alliance Funding (paying agent) programs
  • Enhanced our SAP accounts receivable extract with AR payment capability for Cash Forecasting and AR Financing.
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Enhanced platform security controls
Updated password encryption methodology added additional layers of security for your data.
We added additional password validation rules, including disallowing passwords that exist on known compromised lists to eliminate one way that bad actors can attempt to breach your data.
We created numerous SSO Integration enhancements and additional security controls.

Introducing Program Gap Trend
A new diagram in our analytics package, Program Gap Trend, demonstrates to customers how to maximize the value you extract from Taulia by giving you a roadmap to improve outcomes and easy action steps. Monitor your performance and improvement over time.

Release of our new supplier bank account change risk score for Taulia’s Supplier Management product*
For customers utilizing Taulia’s Supplier Management* product, all supplier bank account change requests will now be scored against a set of risk criteria to help customers better align their internal audit and process controls around validating and approving bank changes. This keeps you and your suppliers safe by safeguarding against the updates not initiated by suppliers.

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*This product feature may not be available to some customers who use older versions of the SIM product. Please consult your Account Director for any questions.

Launch of universal invoice capture via email
For invoices submitted via email, the ability to use computer vision (with OCR) combined with machine learning to allow for electronic invoice data to be captured from any invoice image, regardless of its format, and with no pre-training required. This increases the ease of use for your suppliers and creates fewer barriers to their onboarding and staying with the platform.

Rollout of new functionality to support suppliers uploading invoices through CSV
Allows suppliers to quickly and easily upload many invoices in bulk while still gaining all the invoice validations that are provided in the supplier portal. Enabling suppliers to submit invoices in the way that they are most comfortable ensures their continued use of the platform.


Taulia Payables

Dynamic Discounting 
Redesigned and improved platform-managed liquidity controls
Created a set of new liquidity management functionality allowing clients to limit assets outstanding on any DD program. The client can apply a default asset limit and/or set specific daily values. These limits can be controlled at various levels globally, by business unit, by the supplier, and more…

Supply Chain Finance
Migration off LIBOR
Completed migration of non-USD existing programs priced on LIBOR to relevant replacements - Sofr, Sonia, etc.
USD Programs will complete migration off LIBOR in Q1.
Launched US SPV
Added support to US SPV through participation structure, expanding investor access.
Added US-based collection and disbursement accounts - for faster payments to US-based suppliers.
Launch support for funding in South Africa through Taulia Multi-Funder
Through our partnership with Standard Bank, Taulia Multi-Funder SCF now supports early payments for South African-based businesses.
Added support for CAD payments to Canadian suppliers through Taulia Multi-Funder
Launched support for non-CNY currency cross-border Chinese spend through Taulia Multi-Funder


Taulia Receivables

AR Financing
Launch of Taulia AR Financing
Offers customers the ability to finance their receivables through the Taulia platform.

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You can now access affordable receivables financing and avoid borrowing or missing out on growth opportunities by unlocking the cash trapped in your receivables.
Manage your balance sheet and derecognize receivables so you can improve your balance sheet and optimize cash to improve leverage. Improve your DSO and cash conversion cycle.
Turbocharge your growth and open up M&A opportunities by having the cash in hand required to do so.
With Taulia, we remove the hassle of having multiple agreements with various funders. With just one agreement and integration, you can access funds worldwide.

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You’re able to fund all your receivables by finding funders with different risk appetites and using cash from receivables to fund early payments.

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