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Taulia Release Notes - Fall 2023: 000010704

Article Number: 000010704

In this article, you will find the Taulia Release Notes for Fall 2023, presenting recent changes, improvements, feature enhancements, and bug fixes.

Taulia Platform
Taulia Payables


Taulia Platform

Taulia Add-on for SAP 5.0
We’ve simplified the Add-on for our newest version to reduce the implementation burden. In addition to new features, many configurations previously offered on the Add-on are now available within the Taulia Cash Flow Acceleration Platform, including:

  • Powerful tools to configure liquidity limits, calendars to align payment dates among multiple ERP systems, and a central control center for managing Dynamic Discounting in a multi-ERP environment (like rate group set-up and supplier assignment).
  • We are also adding new Dynamic Discounting functionality to the Add-on, including credit note netting, cancellation handling of early payments, and allowance of ESG-related early payments with a 0% discount rate to suppliers. 
  • Simplified set-up can be activated in the Add-on with a simple switch!

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Customers with existing configurations on legacy versions of the Add-on will continue to receive support. Redundant features on legacy versions of the Add-on will be deprecated if they have not already been configured.

Taulia Add-on for SAP Integration Suite Managed Gateway
Taulia, joining the SAP family, has fast-tracked initiatives to embed Taulia’s cash flow acceleration solutions into SAP's native technology landscape, including with the use of SAP’s proprietary integration technology: SAP Integrated Suite Managed Gateway (formerly CIG).
This new Add-on focuses on the native end-to-end integration of Taulia’s core solutions into ECC and S/4HANA (on-premise) ERP solutions, as well as the Taulia platform integration with the SAP Business Network. – The new Taulia Add-on integrates with all on-premise, including private cloud, versions of ECC and S/4HANA. – The initial release of the Add-on supports the supply chain finance (multifunder) and virtual cards modules for Taulia Payables.

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Introducing the Taulia connector for accounting systems
Even as an SAP company, Taulia continues to solidify our position as deep-integration leaders across systems with the release of ERP Connectors for the small-to-medium-enterprise (SME) space. These Connectors allow for seamless integration to the Taulia Cash Flow Acceleration Platform, are API-based, and require minimal effort to configure. The following Connectors are now available:

  • Netsuite Connector: Bi-directional connectivity for Taulia Payables (Dynamic Discounting, VIrtual Cards, Supply Chain Finance) and Taulia Receivables.
  • Quickbooks Connector: Bi-directional connectivity supports Taulia Receivables.
  • Other Connectors — including for Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Xero, Freshbooks, and others — can be made available upon request.

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Supplier single-sign-on to the SAP Business Network
Building on earlier work that allows suppliers to view and accept early payments from within the SAP Business Network (SBN), this enhancement is part of an ongoing effort to provide a unified experience to supplier users of the SBN:

  • Now transactional emails for SBN users containing buttons or links in emails (such as "Early Payment Available") will seamlessly redirect the user (following authentication) to the SBN where the action can be completed.

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Taulia Payables

Flexible Funding 2.0
For years, Taulia has been the leader in combining the power of Dynamic Discounting with Supply Chain Finance (within Taulia Payables). These distinct solutions for offering early payments — funded by a company’s surplus cash in the former or third-party liquidity in the latter — could be deployed in the same program simultaneously but separately. With our innovative upgrade to Flexible Funding 2.0, the funding source dynamically switches between a company's deployed cash and third-party funds at the invoice level. It prioritizes fetching the best return on your cash while maintaining uninterrupted cash flow for your valued suppliers.

  • Flexible Funding 2.0 lets you manage cash flow for period-end reporting or when market conditions change while ensuring suppliers always have reliable funding for early payments.
  • Here’s how it works: You preset liquidity limits that cap excess cash; when reached, funding transitions to third-party funds.
  • Please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to learn more and activate the new feature.

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Mastercard ICCP Integration: Bring your own bank to Taulia Virtual Cards
Mastercard, a global technology payment leader, offers the InControl for Commercial Payments (ICCP) platform that facilitates virtual card transactions for +80 regional and global banks. Through this initiative, Taulia has integrated with Mastercard's ICCP API, making it possible for customers to use existing commercial credit in Taulia Virtual Cards to issue supplier payments.

  • The enhancement will allow customers to extend the benefits of their commercial credit while leveraging the embedded functionality in SAP and other environments.
  • If you are interested in adopting Taulia Virtual Cards, Taulia will contact your issuer. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Rate group management on the Taulia Platform
Our customer’s ability to configure and manage rate groups for Dynamic Discounting has long been available on the Taulia Add-on for SAP. However given the diverse and growing number of Taulia solutions customers can employ for ERP integration, management controls for rate groups are being migrated to the Taulia Cash Flow Acceleration platform for greater accessibility, including:

  • A prompt requiring a buyer’s explicit approval for select suppliers to receive early payment
  • A new set of selections at the supplier and business-unit level that, if disabled, prevents financing through our third-party-funded programs, Supply Chain Finance and Virtual Cards.

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Variable pricing of Dynamic Discounting
As interest rates continue to climb, buyers will now be able to link rising rates to their return on dynamic discounting. With this new enhancement, buyers will be able to base their cost of funds on the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) plus a desired margin rather than use fixed rates to set the contracted financing pricing for suppliers. As SOFR changes, the supplier’s pricing on early payments will vary to mirror the up-and-down fluctuations of the index.
Please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more or to configure this feature for activation.

Offerable amount configuration (gross or net)
In the past, early payment offers have been based solely on the gross amount of an accelerated invoice, even though suppliers have not expected being paid early for the full amount. With this new capability to configure the offerable amount, buyers can request that early payment calculation for their program be based on an invoice’s net payment amount.

  • This new feature functions for invoices subject to withholding taxes such as VAT, invoices related to down payment, and invoices discounted by other business processes.
  • Available for Taulia Payables (DD, SCF) and Taulia Receivables
  • Requested updates to your offerable amount configuration should be made to your Customer Success Manager

Direct Funder Integration with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and Taulia have entered into a strategic partnership to offer Taulia Payables to customers. SCB will fund customer mandates both directly and through the Taulia Multifunder structures. Three integrations between the Taulia platform and SCB’s systems support this partnership:

  • Direct funding
  • Multifunder funding
  • Supplier onboarding data exchange (information, document, and status updates)

This project will enable Taulia to enter new markets, primarily China.
This initiative covers only the Direct funding integration for the Philippines, China, and India.

SCF funder diversity in Italy
To better support our customers’ SCF activities in Italy, Taulia is diversifying its funder and payment integration options. Now, Taulia can support both a direct funder integration with UniCredit while additional funders are added through the Taulia Multifunder Platform. This update supports in-country expansion as well as the use of the Italian Lira (IL) in customers’ SCF programs.

Supplier liquidity demand in Payables Planner
Taulia’s Payables Planner is used to give buyers a sense of how their working capital position could change over time by adjusting variables to alter scenario outcomes with the help of predictive analytics. Now, customers can also gauge the liquidity demand for the supply chain across a range of interest rates to optimize key performance indicators such as:

  • Liquidity is delivered to the supply chain.
  • Discounts achieved (Dynamic Discounting).

The updated Payables Planner will make it easier for organizations that use excess cash to fund early payments to forecast when and how much third-party funding should be used to meet supplier liquidity needs.

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EcoVadis medals on the ESG dashboard
A new integration will now facilitate the display of supplier ESG medals from EcoVadis on the ESG dashboard of the Taulia Cash Flow Acceleration Platform. The medal display is indicative of supplier ESG ratings that require an EcoVadis subscription. Combining EcoVadis with Taulia’s Sustainable Supplier Finance feature provides a powerful incentive and qualification structure for aligning the supply chain around ESG initiatives important to your organization.

  • More accessible supplier participation indicators should give customers a baseline for the number of suppliers enabled by EcoVadis along with a preview of their environmental performance.
  • Customers can initiate activating Sustainable Supplier Finance by contacting their Customer Success Manager.

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Payables Benchmarking
Payables Benchmarking is an enhancement to our analytics suite that allows users to measure their company’s performance against their peers, identify opportunities for working capital improvement, and obtain network insights such as the percentage of suppliers on Taulia and their propensity to adopt virtual cards as a payment method.

Assets by Day dashboard
For particularly those customers with roles in corporate treasury, the new Assets by Day dashboard provides a view of an organization’s payables finance program — whether Dynamic Discounting or Supply Chain Finance — in the context of a financial asset that shows the inflows and outflows of early payments at any point in time.

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