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Taulia Release Notes - Fall 2022: 000010702

Article Number: 000010702

In this article, you will find the Taulia Release Notes for Fall 2022, presenting recent changes, improvements, feature enhancements, and bug fixes.

Taulia Platform
Taulia Payables
Taulia Receivables


Taulia Platform

Ability to identify ESG suppliers
These new third-party data integrations provide ESG and firmographic information on network companies.
Identifying ESG suppliers gives users more insights for working capital management scenario planning and their company’s ESG initiatives. It also allows them to create a working capital strategy tailored to specific ESG suppliers.

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Supplier account security controls
We continue to add additional security controls and features to help network companies control their account, including adding support for suppliers to integrate Taulia access controls into their on-premise IDP provider. » A pilot is underway to audit key suppliers on the network and encourage them to follow security best practices.

Supplier UX improvements for cross-buyer experiences
We continue to roll out improvements that make it easier for suppliers managing multiple customer relationships to navigate between and across their customer relationships to simplify their ability to interact with the Taulia platform.
These improvements — available in the coming months — allow companies on Taulia as both a buyer and a supplier to manage their Taulia configuration and all of their tasks within a unified user experience, eliminating redundancies and saving time.

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SAP Fiori styling update
We have updated the Taulia user interface to align with SAP brand standards.
These changes have been rolled out to all Taulia buyer customers and will be available to suppliers over time.

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Universal Invoice Capture
We have continuously improved Taulia’s integration with Google Doc AI APIs, allowing customers to supplement their invoice PDF handling capabilities.
This feature can be activated in your account settings by your Taulia Program Success Manager.

SAP 4.2 Add-on
Virtual Cards
With this release, the SAP Add-on can support a Taulia Virtual Cards program.
Data hosting in China
Taulia can host a Chinese domestic POD server to facilitate communication with the Platform. Taulia will act as a domestic third party for receiving, sending, and forwarding the data to and from Taulia’s NA and EU-hosted data centers.
Accelerated Integration improvements and modernized Enrollment Monitor
The Vendor Dashboard for monitoring enrollment status in Accelerated Integration mode has been added to the Taulia Area Menu under the Enrollment section. It is also available as a Fiori tile under the Taulia - Enrollment section.
The Taulia Enrollment Monitor has been modernized to reflect Taulia’s current terminology and to enhance usability.


Taulia Payables

Taulia Virtual Cards
Introducing Taulia Virtual Cards, a new option for managing cashflow currently available to our customers in the United States. Pay your suppliers without the challenges of using a single account for multiple suppliers.
Posting an invoice to your ERP automatically triggers a virtual card payment to enrolled suppliers at term.
Payment Controls reduce payment fraud and other risks associated with check, physical card, and ACH payments. Customers who use our SAP Add-on won’t have to manually adjust entries throughout the transaction lifecycle. General ledger accounts update automatically, streamlining payment administration.

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Dynamic Liquidity Management
Liquidity management functionality previously available on the SAP Add-on has been moved to the Taulia Platform with additional enhancements such as visualization that helps users view available liquidity less in terms of a daily limit and more of a constantly changing asset impacted by the inflow and outflow of invoices and payments.
Customers can set limits by supplier, business unit, or entire DD program.
Customers can enable and disable limits by date and easily manage multiple liquidity limits.
The new feature is available everywhere.

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Taulia Receivables

SAP Business Network integration
Integration with the SAP Business Network (SBN) allows suppliers on the SBN to opt into sharing their receivable invoices with the Taulia network and for key company data as well as all past and future invoices to be automatically synchronized across networks.
With the integration, Taulia Receivables can make financing offers on select invoices, and suppliers can opt into accepting advance payment on those receivables on a continuous basis.

Holdback and reserve management
We added system support for Taulia Receivables programs to accelerate a portion of the receivables. This allows for easier reconciliation at maturity on reserve and holdback management for customers and payments to the funder at maturity.

Additional date support
We have provided system support that allows the receivables seller to work with the funder to configure extra days of funding beyond the XXXX due date. The extra time eases the operational burden by allowing the seller to process received payments and send payments to the funder. » Additional enhancements allow for flexibility on the funding start date based on funder and program configurations.

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