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Taulia Add-on for SAP integration suite, managed gateway SP03 Release Notes: 000010707

Article Number: 000010707

Release date

May 17, 2024

Support Period

May 17, 2024 - May 17, 2026


Platform Initiated Retransfer Processing
A new process has been created to receive retransfer requests sent by the Taulia Platform. These requests may be initiated by Taulia Technical Services or Financial Operations teams to ensure data is refreshed for Working Capital eligibility. Items may only be requested for retransfer if they have already been successfully sent to the Taulia Platform. The following types of items may be requested for retransfer:

  • Vendor   
  • AP invoices    
  • AP payments

Taulia retransfer requests are pushed from the Taulia Platform in batches. Data transformation is performed in the CIG Platform Portal to map the request data from the JSON format provided by Taulia to the XML format required by the Add-on. Requests are received in the Add-on through a new web service. Validations are performed on each requested item to ensure that it exists in the system and is not in the Taulia Blocklist (t-code: TAUCIG_BLOCKLIST). Then, the requested items are automatically added to the Taulia Queue Table (TAUCIG_QUEUE) for retransfer to the Taulia Platform through the existing interface processes.

Items added to the queue table through this process will have their origin denoted in that table as follows:

  • Origin = R - Retransfer   
  • Suborigin = T2 - Platform-initiated retransfer

Logs for the handling of the inbound Retransfer Request process can be visualized in transaction SLG1 using the following characterization:

  • Subobject RECV_RETR

A new Business Add-In (BAdI) is available to customize Taulia Platform initiated retransfer requests received in the Add-on before processing: TAUCIG_RETRANSFER.

This BAdI can be configured in the SPRO menu path:
Integration with Other SAP Components > SAP Taulia with Managed Gateway > Taulia Working Capital Integration > Business Add-Ins(BAdIs) > Retransfer > BAdI for Platform initiated retransfer

Enhanced Credit Note Netting Algorithm for Flexible Funding
A new algorithm in the Taulia Platform allows credit note netting for invoices spanning multiple due dates. This enhanced algorithm allows more spending to be available for early payment and is the preferred netting algorithm for Taulia Flexible Funding solutions. The Taulia Add-on for SAP integration suite, managed gateway was already capable of handling this algorithm for Dynamic Discounting. With this release, the Add-on is now capable of handling this new credit note netting algorithm for Supply Chain Finance as well.

The Taulia Platform will send an instruction on the netting algorithm in the Taulia Early Payment Request (EP_DO) process. When the new algorithm is instructed for SCF, all invoices in the netted position must have their due dates updated to match that of the leading invoice. To achieve this, the terms and baseline date of the leading invoice are copied to all other invoices in the netted position. This will ensure that all documents are paid in the same payment run. The original terms details for all invoices, as well as an indicator that the new algorithm was used to change the due dates, are stored in the Taulia Register table. Early payment cancellation will result in restoring the original terms and details on all of the documents in the originally requested netted position.

Please reach out to your Taulia representative if you'd like to activate the new credit note netting algorithm.


New Working Capital Request Validations
A new check for virtual card and SCF scenarios has been added to address customers who leverage dual control for vendor data changes. When a working capital request is received for SCF or virtual cards, the Taulia Early Payment Request (EP_DO) process will check if the vendor has a pending confirmation change. If a change is pending, it effectively acts as a payment block. Therefore, the early payment request will be rejected. A supplier block for automatic payment processing due to a data change pending confirmation is now communicated to the Taulia Platform in the Taulia Vendor (VEN) process. The Taulia Platform will eventually use this information to document status and determine working capital eligibility.

The validations that take place when a working capital request is received from the Taulia Platform have been enhanced with additional checks to prevent any data mismatch between the Taulia Platform and SAP:

  • For DD or SCF early payment requests, if a different request was already received for the same document, the subsequent request will be rejected
  • For all finance types, if the requested invoice was already accelerated for a different finance type, the subsequent request will be rejected.

Working Capital Request Enhancements
The handling of multiple working capital request processes is now more robust. Previously, the system would exit processing if parallel processing failed to initialize for any reason during Early Payment Request (EP_DO) processing. Now, the system will automatically switch to sequential processing instead of raising an exception, ensuring requests are handled more quickly.

The Business Add-In (BAdI) for working capital request (TAUCIG_WC_REQUEST) has been enhanced to allow the customization of the invoice's baseline date, discount days, and discount percentage fields. These details drive the due date and discount rate calculation for Dynamic Discounting and may now be adjusted via customer enhancement with this BAdI.

A new Business Add-in (BAdI) for document updates performed during working capital request execution (TAUCIG_WC_INVOICE_UPDATE) has been created, and the BAdI for vendor master data updates triggered during early payment execution (TAUCIG_WC_VENDOR_UPDATE) is enhanced to allow modifications to the Taulia working capital solution. These BAdIs can now be implemented with the following methods:

  • DURING_SAVE: To perform updates on different fields or to perform a different type of update

AP Invoice Enhancements
The Taulia AP Invoice (INV_OUT) integration process now sends the invoice's supplier tax identifier, reporting country, and corresponding tax type to the Taulia Platform. 

Enhancements to Log Messages
Logging for the Taulia Queue Feeder processing (FEED_VEN, FEED_INV, FEED_PAY) has been improved to reduce severity and noise:

  • Messages related to the Taulia Blocklist (t-code: TAUCIG_BLOCKLIST) have been adjusted to be logged as informational rather than warnings.
  • Items maintained in the Taulia Blocklist will not be logged during data initialization to reduce unnecessary messages in the logs.

Logging for Taulia Message Acknowledgement (MSG_ACK) is enhanced to locate the original log for the data submission and update it with the acknowledgment messages. With this improvement, users can now see the response received from the Taulia Platform appended to the logs for the original send process (VEN, INV_OUT, PAYMENT). The Taulia Platform Batch ID is captured, and in the case of a failed data submission, the error code and reason text are also appended to the logs.

Logging for Taulia Message Acknowledgement (MSG_ACK) has been improved to be more accurate and informative:

  • A message is now logged that indicates which object type (company code, vendor, invoice, payment) the acknowledgment relates to.
  • Message acknowledgment for the company code integration process no longer includes superfluous logs related to the queue table.
  • Message acknowledgment errors will now include the error reason in addition to the error code.
  • The system now logs the document type and Taulia Platform Batch ID in addition to the ERP Batch ID for the corresponding batch.
  • The message that confirms the removal of records from the queue table will now only show if there are queue records to be removed (i.e., It will no longer appear for company code message acknowledgment).

The logging of errors that occur when executing the proxy call to send data to the Taulia Platform has been improved to be more informative and prevent the error message from being truncated.

Job Processing Improvements
The Taulia queue feeder and data collector background jobs no longer generate spool requests. These spool requests only contained the transaction ID from the run and were not useful. The transaction ID is captured in the job log instead.

Interface Setup Integration Improvements
The Taulia Interface Setup Integration (t-code: TAUCIG_INTERFACE_EXE), which is used to set up the required interfaces for inbound and outbound communications with the Taulia Platform, has been updated to remove references to irrelevant ARBCIG integration parameters. The program will now only show setup options for integration scenarios which are supported by Taulia.


Incorrect Document Selection in Payment Feeder
The following bugs have been fixed, which were causing documents to be selected incorrectly by the AP Payment Feeder process (FEED_PAY):

  • Documents configured as Taulia Clearing Documents (t-code: TAUCIG_CLEARING) were being selected by the AP Payment Feeder during initialization. Clearing documents should not be transferred to the Taulia Platform during data initialization.
  • The AP Payment Feeder was selecting documents that were not configured as payment documents in the Taulia Document Types for Transfer configuration (t-code: TAUCIG_DOCS) during delta processing. Only documents specifically configured as payment documents should be selected for transfer by the payment feeder.
  • Clearing documents selected for retransfer in the Taulia Mass Re-transfer tool (t-code: TAUCIG_TRANSFER) did not have their related cleared payment documents selected by the AP Payment Feeder. All documents whose clearing document is selected for retransfer should also be selected for transfer to the Taulia Platform, regardless of whether the cleared document is an invoice or a payment document, as long as they are configured in the Taulia Document Types for Transfer configuration (t-code: TAUCIG_DOCS).

Errors with Negative Amounts
Fixed an issue causing invoices and payments with negative values in amount fields to fail submission to the Taulia Platform.

Calculation Issue with Negative Taxes
Fixed an issue causing negative tax rates to be excluded from tax amount calculation on AP invoice extraction. Tax amounts will now be presented correctly to Taulia suppliers when negative tax rates are used.

Incorrect Mapping of Invoice Item Taxes
An issue with invoice taxes was resolved. Now, when invoice line item taxes are captured via the Business Add-In (BAdI) for AP invoice customization (TAUCIG_AP_INVOICE), they will be mapped to the correct fields in the Taulia Platform and displayed to suppliers in the line item tax section of the invoice.

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