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Spectrum Brands - How do I contact Spectrum Brands?: 000006574

Article Number: 000006574
If you need to contact Spectrum Brands, please, use the appropriate contact for every division:
Rayovac/Remington/ Corporate APinvoice@spectrumbrands.com
Applica Consumer products US, Puerto Rico, Latin AmericaAPinvoiceRH@spectrumbrands.com
Canada(Armored Auto Group/STP, HHI, United Pet Group, Applica Consumer, SPB Canada)APinvoiceCAD@spectrumbrands.com
United Pet Group(US)APinvoicePET@spectrumbrands.com
United IndustriesAP_Invoice_H&G@spectrumbrands.com
Armored Auto Group/STP (US) AParmoredAuto@spectrumbrands.com

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AR Financing Receivables Payments: 000010699

Easily view and download AR Financing payment data from the Receivables Payments page.

AR Financing Receivables Invoices: 000010698

Easily view all of your AR Financing invoices, view and request AR Financing early payments, and view payments associated with AR Financing invoices from the Receivables Invoices page.

Invoice failing with Transmission Error.: 000010633

This article explains what to be checked when the supplier reports their invoice has failed submission and shows in the portal status INCOMPLETE failing due to Transmission Error.

AR Financing Receivables Invoice Upload: 000010700

Easily upload new invoices to Taulia for AR financing.

Q. How do I retransfer data in bulk from SAP to Taulia?: 000008750

Information on how to mass retransfer supplier masters, purchase orders, invoices, workflow invoices and payment documents from SAP to the Taulia Platform.

Q. How can I pull log files for the Taulia POD?: 000008757

Explanation of how to pull log files for the Taulia POD service.

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