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Red Bull - Creating an invoice for Red Bull.: 000003415

Article Number: 000003415
Please take note of the following before creating an invoice:

What if I am sending items to multiple ship-to locations?
Since Red Bull is not Tax Exempt, a separate invoice will need to be created for each ship-to location. This way, if Sales Tax is not being charged, we are able to properly assess the Use Tax.

Doing business with multiple Red Bull entities?

Make sure you select the correct bill-to company/customer in your drop-down menu when creating an invoice. Not doing so will cause a delay in payment processing. If you don't see the correct Red Bull entity you need to bill please send us an email at accountspayable@us.redbull.com with the entity that you are missing and also include your Red Bull contact so we can reach out to them for confirmation.

1 - From the portal homepage, select Create Invoice

User-added image

2 - 
Select the following information from the drop down list then select Create Non-PO Invoice

Supplier (select your information)
Customer (select the Red Bull entity you are invoicing)

User-added image

3 - Enter the following invoice header information

Invoice Number (required)
Invoice Date (required - must use the current date)
Supply Date (If the invoice date is different than the actual service/product date, enter the correct date here)
Contact Email (search for the name/email of your Red Bull contact. Enter the first few letters of their name and let the list load. If the name is missing in this list, please contact claudia.rojas@us.redbull.com or fabiola.blom@us.redbull.com

User-added image

4 - Select Change Ship To Address and enter the address of the Red Bull representative that will be receiving the invoice. Once entered, the address should appear below Change Ship To Address

User-added image

5 - Enter your invoice line item information

Description (enter the description of the item you are invoicing)
Unit (select the unit of measure)
Quantity (enter the quantity that you need to invoice)
Unit Price (enter the unit price of the line item)
Add Line (select this to add another line item if needed)

User-added image

6 - At the bottom of the invoicing screen, edit the following

Additional Items (add a freight charge or miscellaneous credit)
Sales Tax (enter the tax total of the invoice)
Comment (enter any comments about the invoice)
Upload Attachment (attach a copy of your invoice in PDF format only)

User-added image

7 - Select Submit Invoice to send your invoice for processing. You can track that status of your invoice by going to the My Invoices section of the portal. If you need to contact Red Bull about an invoice you submitted, use the Send Message feature through your invoice in the My Invoices section.


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