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Q. What is company-wide two-factor authentication and how do I enable/disable company-wide two-factor authentication?: 000010638

Article Number: 000010638

Company-wide Two-factor authentication (CW2FA) feature allows Buyer Admins to require all of their company users to configure personal two-factor authentication (2FA) if they have not already. CW2FA can be controlled only by Buyer Admin users. Any Buyer Admin can change the CW2FA's status for their company, provided they have personal 2FA configured.

You can enable company-wide two-factor authentication to your Taulia account by doing the following:

1 - From the homepage, select the gear button > Security.

User-added image

2 - In the Security section click on Enable in the Two-factor Authentication panel.

User-added image

3 - When the Buyer Admin clicks the "Enable" button, a confirmation popup is displayed.

User-added image

4 - Once this is done a confirmation pop-up screen will show.

User-added image

Note: When personal 2FA is disabled, the "Enable CW2FA" button is inactive with a tooltip. When personal 2FA is enabled, the "Enable CW2FA" button becomes active.

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