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Q. I have suppliers with Needs Attention status in the Taulia Buyer UI. How do I enroll them in the Taulia Platform?

Article Number: 000008729

After a supplier enrollment invitation is triggered, the Taulia Platform will attempt to send an enrollment invitation email to the supplier with the information on file. If the Taulia Platform is unable to send this email for any reason, further processing is required in the Taulia Buyer UI. It is important to periodically check your suppliers in the Buyer UI Supplier Center to ensure proper attention is given to supplier enrollments. 

On some occasions, the supplier’s email address is already used for another supplier/buyer relationship on the Taulia Platform. A new invitation will not send to the supplier when the system is unable to merge with the existing user record. This means the system matched an email address but was unable to match one of the following attributes to the existing record: 

  • Address
  • Tax ID
  • Company name
  • Phone number

In these cases, the supplier enrollment status in the Buyer UI will be Needs Attention.

Some suppliers with Needs Attention status can be resolved using simple self service steps. In other cases, manual intervention with Taulia Technical Services is necessary in order to complete the supplier enrollment. 

Please find below instructions on how to check for info or steps to fix an issue:

1 - 
Int he Taulia Buyer UI, select Suppliers> Supplier Center:

supplier center

2 - In the Status filter, select Needs Attention. Click Search. 

3 - Here you will see the entire list of suppliers with Needs Attention status. 


4 - The best way to address these suppliers is by downloading the full list of suppliers with this status. Click Download List. In the pop-up screen, select All and choose the file format you prefer (CSV, Excel, XML). Then click Download. 


5 - A file will download to your local computer. Open the file to see the reason for each supplier’s Needs Attention status. This can be found under the Status column of the file. The possible reasons and their resolutions are listed below:

  • Missing Email Address – This supplier has no email address maintained. Drill into this supplier’s details in the Buyer UI to add the correct email address and trigger the enrollment invitation. 
  • Invalid Email Format – An email address is maintained for this supplier but it is not in a valid format. Perhaps a typo was made or the email was not entered completely (e.g. supplier#gmail.com or supplier@gmail). Drill into the supplier’s details to correct the email address and trigger the enrollment invitation.
  • Email Already Exists; Cannot Merge – Suppliers with this status need to be resolved by Taulia. Please open a case with Taulia Technical Services and attach this list to the case. The team will take secure measures to ensure each supplier account is properly remedied. 

Additional FAQs 

I have fixed several suppliers with Needs Attention status. Can I re-trigger the invitation for many suppliers at the same time?
Yes. In Supplier Center you may search for all suppliers which are awaiting invitation by selecting Ready for Invitation on the Status filter. Select the checkboxes next to each supplier to whom you want to send invitations or select all using the checkbox on the header row. Click the Send Invite Email button.

Can you provide more information about how a supplier merge takes place on the Taulia Platform? 
Merging occurs when there is more than one supplier account enrolled with the same email address. Taulia attempts to auto-merge suppliers enrolled with the same email by matching on specific supplier attributes. Suppliers are also able to self-merge multiple Taulia accounts if they want to combine access across multiple entities or customers. For more information on the supplier self-merge process, click here

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TLS 1.1 Deprecation 02/27/2020

Taulia Users,

Please note, as part of our March 3-5 release, we will be deprecating TLS 1.1 support on the Taulia platform. TLS 1.1 is an out-of-date protocol that does not support modern cryptographic algorithms, and contains security vulnerabilities that may be exploited by attackers.

We have reviewed access logs and do not anticipate any customer impact as the vast majority of our clients are already using TLS 1.2

If you run into any issues please ensure your browser is on the latest version.

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