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Q. How do I create an invoice from a purchase order (eFlip)?: 000003324

Article Number: 000003324

Note - This feature may not be available in your portal.

Easily submit your PO-based invoices through the Taulia platform. Because Taulia is connected to your customer's accounting system, invoices submitted through Taulia are received by your customer in real time. With Taulia, invoice submission is fast and easy.

For information on how to create a non-po invoice, see Q. How do I create a Non-PO invoice (eForm)?

Before you get started, please take note of the following:

  • Not all customers allow invoicing against a purchase order through the portal. If you don't have PO invoicing capabilities in Taulia, contact your customer.
  • Your customer may have customized fields in the invoice creation screen that are not explained in this article. Use the "?" next to the field for additional information.
  • You can only reference one PO per invoice.
  • You cannot invoice zero-value line items. Freight can be added as an Additional Item but cannot be the sole content of the invoice.
  • Visit the Custom FAQ page in your portal account to see additional information about creating an invoice.

Follow these instructions to create an invoice against a purchase order: 

1 - Click on Create Invoice from the home page.

2 - Search for the PO that you need to create an invoice against using the search feature. Select the PO number.

User-added image

3 - After selecting the Purchase Order number, you will be shown the PO details. You can:


  • Select Create Invoice button under Actions (the button on the far right column) to start the invoicing process.

Keep in mind that each customer has their own invoicing field requirements. The following instructions may not fully reflect what fields you have in your invoicing screen.

4 - Fill out invoice creation fields:

  • Add Invoice Number (mandatory)
  • Add Invoice Date (mandatory)
  • Supply Date (mandatory in Europe)
  • Currency (automatically selected based on PO currency)
  • Customer/Requester Contact (email address of your business contact)
  • Customer Tax ID / Tax Type (this field is typically auto-populated if you have this information set up under My Details > Tax Identifiers.)

User-added image

5 - Review the line item details of your invoice. Note that you cannot invoice PO line items with zero value. Select "X" remove the line item. You can also use the "X" option to remove line items you do not need to invoice or wish to invoice at a later date.

  • Description (automatically pulled from the PO)
  • Unit (automatically pulled from the PO)
  • Quantity (edit the Quantity that you are invoicing if needed)
  • Unit Price (if not editable, you will invoice the line amount using the Quantity field)
  • Tax Type (depending on the invoicing country, tax type must be selected for each line item)

  User-added image

6 - At the bottom of the invoicing screen, enter the following information:

  • Add any Additional Items, such as freight charges, etc. (if applicable).
    • You cannot create an invoice with only freight as an additional item. If you need freight as a PO item, contact your buyer.
  • Enter the Compliance data as required in your invoicing country (if available).
  • Add a Comment (special instructions, if any).
  • Click the Upload Attachment to upload a copy of your own itemized invoice (typically required).
    • Click on the "?" icon to see what type of file extensions are accepted by your customer. Generally, .pdf or .doc files are accepted.
  • Enter Exchange Rate (if available). If you are invoicing local VAT in another currency than the VAT will be reported in, it is highly important for tax purposes to always fill in the correct exchange rate on the invoice.
  • Select Pay Me Early to receive early payment as soon as the invoice is approved (if available).

User-added image

7 - Click Submit Invoice. You will then need to confirm your invoice submission.

8 - Once your invoice is submitted to your customer for review, you can track the status of your invoice through the My Invoices section of the portal. Click here to learn how to check the status of your invoice. Please note that Taulia does not review invoices submitted through the platform for your customer. The invoice reviewal process (approval, rejection, voiding) are typically owned by your customer's AP group.

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