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Q. How can I pull log files for the Taulia POD?: 000008757

Article Number: 000008757

The Taulia POD runs as a service on a locally hosted server. The POD is the communication device which directs connectivity between the Taulia Platform and your Taulia SAP Add-On. In case there is a need to troubleshoot the POD connectivity, POD logs can be pulled and analyzed. 

The Taulia POD may be installed on a Linux or Windows server. This document shows how to pull the logs for both servers. 

Pull POD logs from a Windows system: 

1 - Locate the POD folder and make sure the POD files are present. 

2 - The POD log files are in the following path: 

[POD folder name] > wrapper > pod > log

POD wrapper

3 - The log files are updated each time the specified job runs.  The Date modified column shows the date/time of the most recent update. Double click on any file to open it in a text editor and analyze the results for any errors. 

4 - If the Taulia Technical Services team has requested you to share POD log files, they will usually request PodMainLog and Heartbeat.log files to begin troubleshooting. 

POD list

5 - To share any requested POD log file with the Taulia Technical Services team, right click on the file, copy and paste it to your email or other shared location. 

POD final

Pull POD logs from a Linux system:

1 - Locate the POD folder and make sure the POD files are present. 

2 - The POD log files are in the following path: [POD folder name]/wrapper/pod/log

3 - Type the following command from within the log folder to see all  POD logs: ls -l

POD linux

4 - Open a new terminal or Run dialog tab. The basic syntax to download the POD log file to your local machine is below: scp username@source:/location/to/file username@destination:/where/to/put

An example of the command to download the Heartbeat.log to the Documents folder is below:

scp ubuntu

5 - If the Taulia Technical Services team has requested you to share POD log files, they will usually request PodMainLog and Heartbeat.log files to begin troubleshooting. Copy the file from the specified location to share it with the Taulia team.

Once the log file is downloaded, analysis must be done to troubleshoot the error or issue identified from the log file. If your connection is healthy, the Heartbeat.log and individual job logs will look similar to the below:



Additional FAQs 

The Taulia Technical Services team has analyzed my POD logs and requested that I restart the POD. How can I restart the POD?
Follow the instructions here to learn how to stop, start or restart the Taulia POD service. 

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