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Q. How can I provide information to all my suppliers at once?

Article Number: 000008697

From time to time, you might need to send an announcement to provide important information to your suppliers when they login to the Taulia Platform. Some common reasons to send an announcement are as follows:

  • Welcome message to brand new Taulia users that explains what the Taulia Platform is and the benefits it can provide for your suppliers.
  • Notification that there will be a network maintenance period so the usual Taulia Platform functionality might not be transmitted to your ERP until the maintenance period is over.
  • Announcement of an upcoming freeze period in your ERP system, suggesting deadlines for a final invoice, supplier change or Early Payment request submissions.
  • Notification of new functionality added to your suppliers’ Taulia accounts.
  • Acknowledgment of new/updated agreements with your suppliers.

Set up and view announcements by doing the following:

1 - From the Buyer UI, choose Suppliers > Announcements:

User-added image

The available statuses are: 

  • Draft – The announcement is not yet activated and still in the creation phase.
  • Active – The announcement is currently active.
  • Inactive – The announcement is no longer active and not applicable anymore.

2 - To view an existing announcement, just click on the title. 

3 - To create a new announcement, you can either clone an existing announcement or create one from scratch. To create a new announcement from scratch, click Create Announcement.

User-added image

4 - Enter a title for the announcement. The title is used for identification within the Buyer UI only and is not shown to suppliers. Click Create Announcement

User-added image

5 - Select whether you would like to send your message to all suppliers or if you prefer to upload a list of supplier recipients. If you chose to upload the supplier list, note that numerical supplier numbers shorter than 10 digits should be entered along with leading zeros to create a .csv file of 10-digit supplier numbers. Non-numerical supplier numbers can be entered as-is.

User-added image

6 - Enter the subject of the announcement and the message body. The Message section provides various editing features, enabling you to customize the formatting of the announcement.

User-added image

7 - Upload an attachment if needed. 

8 - Enter the validity date range for the announcement under Scheduling. This announcement will be published to all suppliers with enrolled accounts during this period. After the announcement is published to the supplier, it will remain visible until they view it (which may be past the end date). 

User-added image

9 - Specify whether the announcement will require acknowledgment or not. If you select the Request Acknowledgement of the Announcement checkbox, a report of the suppliers that acknowledge your announcement will be provided in the main Announcements screen. You can also optionally select options to: 

  • Require a supplier user to acknowledge your announcement before any portal functions may be accessed.
  • Allow the supplier to enter an alternative point of contact at the time of acknowledgment. 
  • Present custom button texts for supplier selection, such as Accept and Decline.

User-added image

10 - When you complete all steps you will see a preview of the announcement at the bottom of the page.  

User-added image

11 - If you are not yet ready to activate the announcement, choose Save as Draft. The announcement will be saved and ready to be retrieved from the main Announcements page at a later date.

12 - Once everything looks fine and ready to be activated, choose Publish, and the announcement will be active starting at the beginning of the date range specified in the Scheduling section.

Taulia announcements are a great way to mass communicate with your active suppliers without spamming them with emails. For formal communications, it is still advisable to email your suppliers directly and use Taulia announcements as another type of reinforcement.

Additional FAQs

I want to limit my announcement to suppliers from certain countries. How can I do that?
Extract the relevant supplier numbers from that country from your ERP system. Follow the instructions in step 5 above to upload the list in the Recipients section of the announcement creation page.

Will the announcement automatically be translated into different languages?
Taulia provides the announcement to the supplier as-is. Therefore, if you need the announcement to be available in various languages, you must provide all of the translations within the announcement. You can use the anchor editing feature to provide an anchor link at the top of the announcement, allowing the supplier to navigate to the appropriate language right away.

Why don’t I see any results on the announcement report?
The report will only have results when the announcement has the Request Acknowledgement of the Announcement checkbox selected and if some suppliers have clicked on the acceptance buttons.

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