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Q. How can I add or remove users in the Buyer UI?: 000008765

Article Number: 000008765

Taulia customers are given access to the Buyer UI to view the information that suppliers are viewing. Suppliers should never be given access to the Buyer UI

You can add a user within your organization and assign a role depending on what activity you expect the user to perform. You can also deactivate an existing user, which will completely disable the user from logging into the Buyer UI to view supplier information.

Taulia’s Buyer UI has 6 different user roles with various functionality available. The initial role created will be the Admin user role. This user role will be created with the client identifying an Admin user and Taulia’s Technical Consultant will create this user role. The Admin will then create all other roles as applicable.  

The 6 different user roles available on Taulia’s Buyer UI platform are as follows:

  • Admin
  • User
  • Cash Manager
  • Supplier Launch and Search
  • Search Only
  • Document Search Only

The functionality for each user role is detailed in the table below: 

RoleAdminUserCash ManagerSupplier Launch + SearchSearch OnlyDocument Search Only
Visible to Buyer User
User Settings      
Reset Personal Password
Edit Personal Settings
Managing Buyer Users      
Add new Buyer user     
Change existing user role     
Reset other user’s passwords     
Deactivate/reactivate users     
Restrict user access based on business unit     
Document Data and Analytics
Search and display invoice
Search and display payments
Search and display POs
View all invited Suppliers 
View all enrolled Suppliers 
Resend invitation email   
Change suppliers’ email address   
Supplier Launch   
Deploy Cash      
Cash Deployment and Yield Data    
Dynamic Discounting Setting for anyERP (legacy setting)    
Setup DD Rate Groups    
Assign Suppliers to Rate Groups    
Liquidity Limit Setup and Management    
Cash Forecast      
Cash Forecast Dashboard    
Homepage Data      
Homepage KPIs and Charts    
Analytics Tab      
Cash Deployed Dashboard    

Admins can add other users by doing the following:

1 - Log into the Taulia Buyer UI. Go to your company name on the top right corner of the screen an and select Account Management as shown below:

User-added image

2 - In the User Manager screen you will have the following options:

  • To search for existing users by their email, first name or last name 
  • To view the status of existing users to see if they have already enrolled and started using the Buyer UI
  • To view the role of each user and modify/change user roles 
  • To invite a new user, as described in the next steps
  • To deactivate an existing user, as described in the following section

3 - Click Invite a new User. 

User-added image

4 - 
Enter the email address, first name and last name of the new user and define the access type. Choose the business units the user needs to access, or leave the default No Restriction to provide access to all business units.


User-added image

5 - Click Create User.

6 - The user will receive an email invitation to enroll on the Buyer UI with the provisioned access. 

Admins can deactivate an existing user by doing the following:

1 - Log into the Taulia Buyer UI. Go to your company name on the top right corner of the screen an and select Account Management as shown below:

User-added image

2 - In the User Manager screen search by email, first name or last name to pull up the user you want to deactivate. 

3 - Click on the gear button under Actions and select Deactivate User.

User-added image

4 - 
The user’s status will switch to Disabled and the user will no longer be able to log into the Buyer UI. Note that the user will not receive a notification that their account is disabled. 

You can reactivate the user in the future to give them access again to the Buyer UI. Click on the gear button under Actions and select Reactivate User. Again, the user will not receive a notification that their account has been reactivated. 

User-added image

In conjunction with your initial Taulia implementation, a Buyer UI admin user was provisioned for your organization. From that point forward, access to the Taulia Buyer UI is completely controlled from within your organization. Taulia does not maintain new users or deactivate current users.

It should be noted that access for suppliers is not controlled through the User Manager tool in the Buyer UI. To enroll a supplier user, initialize them from your ERP, and follow the supplier enrollment procedures shared during your initial Taulia implementation. 

Additional FAQs

Why can’t I see all the features shown in the steps above?
You may not have authorization to perform user maintenance. Only Taulia Buyer UI users with the Admin role have access to add new users or deactivate existing users. Please contact your Taulia Buyer UI administrator to perform the above procedure. 

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