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Q. How can I add comments on a payment record in SAP?: 000008737

Article Number: 000008737

SAP offers various options to allow you to transfer the text of the invoice to the text of the associated payment document. The standard field used for this is the header text field (BSEG-SGTXT) and a common practice is to identify relevant text for the payment document by placing an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the text. 

display document

Taulia offers similar options to enable the transfer of texts from paid invoices to your suppliers’ payment documents so they may see the comments on their Taulia account. A Taulia SAP Add-On configuration setting allows you to define if/how texts are transferred with payments from SAP. 

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Send invoice text by doing the following:

1 - In SAP, enter transaction code /n/TAULIA/CT_CPTXT.  If you are not able to access this transaction code, contact someone from your SAP technical team.

2 - The setting for Payment Text Handling will be one of the below: 

  • No SGTXT extracted: Texts from paid invoices are not transferred with the payments. 
  • Only SGTXT with *: Texts from paid invoices are only transferred if the text begins with an '*' (asterisk).
  • Always: Texts from paid invoices are always transferred with the payments.

3 - If No SGTXT extracted is set, contact someone from your SAP team to adjust the setting. This setting can only be adjusted in your SAP development system and transported through your system landscape.    

4 - If Only SGTXT with * is selected, the invoice texts which begin with an ‘*’ (asterisk) will automatically be displayed to your suppliers in their Taulia account. This feature gives you the flexibility to control which information you convey to your suppliers. The text will appear in the Taulia Platform as a comment next to the relevant invoice in the payment details screen:


5 - If Always is selected, all invoice texts will automatically be displayed to your suppliers in their Taulia account. The text will appear in your suppliers’ Taulia account as a comment next to the relevant invoice in the payment details screen.     

Additions FAQs

I have adjusted my configuration to send the invoice text. How can I add comments for my historical payments?
You will need to execute a retransfer of historical information to allow your suppliers to see comments on their historical payments. Follow the instructions here <Link to Taulia Mass Re-Transfer article> to execute a mass retransfer of supplier payment documents.                                            

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