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Q. How are my suppliers notified of changes to their purchase orders?: 000008751

Article Number: 000008751

Every time a purchase order is changed in your ERP, the new PO data is updated in the Taulia Platform. If you have Taulia’s purchase order change notification activated, the supplier receives a notification in the form of an email to let them know that their PO has been changed. Taulia also highlights the change on the supplier’s Taulia account so they can visualize the update. 

PO change notifications and visualizations are only provided to suppliers when important fields are changed on the PO. Please be aware that only the following fields trigger any kind of notification to the suppliers:

  • Item Quantity
  • Item Price
  • Delivery Date


1 - Item Quantity: When quantity on a PO line item is changed in your ERP, Taulia sends out an email notification to the supplier. This email does not call out what has been changed on the PO. It is a generic email, stating that the PO has been changed and that suppliers need to log into their Taulia account to see what has been changed. An example is shown below:

item qty update

When the supplier signs into their Taulia account, the new quantity is highlighted and the change date is noted, as shown below. Note that the original quantity is not displayed and no change history is provided to suppliers.

PO portal view

2 - Item Price:  When unit price on the purchase order line item is changed in your ERP, the field will be highlighted on the supplier’s Taulia account and the date of the change is displayed, as shown below. Similarly, we send out an email notification stating that the PO has been changed without calling out what has been changed. 


3 - Delivery Date: Likewise, when a delivery date is changed on the PO line item in your ERP, the supplier will see this highlighted in their Taulia account and will receive a change notification email. As mentioned above, Taulia does not show the history of past delivery dates. It just shows the latest change in your ERP. 

PO 2

PO Change is a great way to communicate to suppliers and give them visibility to important changes on their purchase orders. It is important to note that all changes to a purchase order will be transferred to the Taulia Platform. However, only changes to the fields mentioned above will be highlighted and trigger a notification to suppliers.  When a notification is received, suppliers should be encouraged to log into their Taulia account to view the changes.

Additions FAQs

My suppliers report that they do not receive notifications when I make important changes to their purchase orders. How can I ensure they receive PO change notifications?
It could be that this feature is not activated on your Taulia account. Please contact Taulia Technical Services to get it switched on.

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