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Payment Analytics Dashboard User Guide.: 000010708

Article Number: 000010708

The Payment Analytics Dashboard is designed to provide insights into supplier payment behaviors and opportunities for optimizing working capital through terms harmonization, payment timing adjustments, and supplier segmentation. This tool is aimed at procurement managers and finance teams looking to extend supplier terms and enhance their supply chain finance programs.

If you want to use this tool, navigate to Payables > Payment Analytics.

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Below are listed all the key features.

1 - Supplier Payment Overview:

  • Displays current payment terms, targeted terms, and the difference between them.
  • Highlights opportunities for extending payment terms and optimizing working capital.

2 - Invoice Terms Trend:

  • Shows suppliers' invoicing over the past six months.
  • Allows buyers to track trends in invoice terms and identify areas for improvement.

3 - Vendor Master Terms:

  • Compares supplier invoice terms with their vendor master terms.
  • Identifies discrepancies and potential areas for aligning terms.

4 - Payment Timing Analysis:

  • Analyzes the timing of payments made by the accounts payable department.
  • Highlights opportunities where suppliers are paid earlier than their invoice terms.

5 - Acceleration Window:

  • Displays the window of opportunity for suppliers to make early payments.
  • Tracks how this window has been trending over time.

6 - Early Payment Adoption:

  • Shows the volume of early payment offers made and accepted by suppliers.
  • Tracks trends in early payment adoption over time.

7 - Supplier Segmentation:

  • Allows users to create and manage supplier segments based on various criteria.
  • Enables detailed analysis of specific groups of suppliers.

8 - Data Export:

  • Users can export data to Excel for further analysis.
  • Includes detailed supplier information, including spending, payment terms, credit ratings (where available), and industry classifications.

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User Guide
1 - Navigating the Dashboard:

  • The main view provides a high-level overview of the supplier payment landscape.
  • Use the filters to drill down into specific supplier segments, industries, or individual suppliers.

2 - Interpreting the Charts:

  • Payment Terms Chart: Compares current and target payment terms. Look for gaps indicating opportunities for extending terms.
  • Invoice Terms Trend: Use this to monitor changes in supplier invoicing behavior over time.
  • Vendor Master Terms: Identify discrepancies between invoice terms and vendor master terms.
  • Payment Timing Analysis: Look for suppliers who are being paid early without discount opportunities.

3 - Using Supplier Segments:

  • Create segments based on criteria such as industry, spending, or payment terms.
  • Analyze segments to identify trends and opportunities within specific groups.

4 - Exporting Data:

  • Use the export function to download detailed supplier data for offline analysis.
  • Ensure that all necessary data points, such as spend, payment terms, and industry classifications, are included in your analysis.

Best Practices
1 - Regularly Review and Update Segments:

  • Keep supplier segments up-to-date to ensure accurate analysis and actionable insights.

2 - Monitor Trends Over Time:

  • Use the trend charts to track changes in supplier behavior and adjust strategies accordingly.

3 - Align Vendor Master Terms:

  • Regularly review and align vendor master terms with invoice terms to ensure consistency and optimize working capital.

4 - Leverage Early Payment Data:

  • Use early payment adoption data to refine your supply chain finance programs and improve supplier engagement.

5 - Utilize Predictive Analytics:

  • Rely on the dashboard's predictive analytics to identify suppliers likely to adopt early payment rather than manually assessing credit ratings or other factors.

The Payment Analytics Dashboard is a powerful tool for optimizing supplier payments and improving working capital. By leveraging the insights and features provided, procurement managers and finance teams can make data-driven decisions to enhance their supply chain finance programs.

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