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Payables Financing - Rate Groups and Supplier Assignment: 000010695

Article Number: 000010695

Taulia’s Payables Financing settings allow you to set up and control the funding types, rates, business unit restrictions, liquidity limits, and calendar settings for the payables financing programs offered to your suppliers. These settings are systematically incorporated into your suppliers’ early payment offers and help align their early payment experience with your business process.

To control the eligible funding types and rate/spread for early payments, rate groups must be set up and assigned to suppliers. Within the creation of early payment offers for suppliers, the rate group for the supplier will be assessed as one factor to determine whether dynamic discounting or supply chain financing should be leveraged for eligible invoices. (Other factors include Liquidity Limits and Business Unit Settings.) If dynamic discounting is chosen to be utilized, the rate group of the supplier is systematically checked for the rate or spread to use within the offer.


Rate Groups

Rate Groups control both the funding types available to use and the dynamic discounting rates offered to suppliers. Each group can include dynamic discounting, supply chain financing, or both for the financing types a supplier assigned to the group will be eligible for. If dynamic discounting is selected within a rate group, the rate of spread used for the discount calculation can be controlled. Rate groups are created at the account level and operate independently of your business units. The rate group is the only source of the rate for a supplier. For rate groups to be put into effect, they must be assigned to at least one supplier (See Supplier Assignment).

Supplier Assignment

Supplier Assignment is the step to set or update a supplier’s rate group. Once a supplier is assigned a rate group, the supplier will be eligible for the funding types outlined in that rate group and if set, the supplier will inherit the dynamic discounting rate/spread outlined in that rate group.

Rate Groups and Supplier Assignment Example

Here is a simplified example of the setup for suppliers’ early payment eligible funding types and rate/spread:

1 - A rate group is created and assigned to a supplier with a rate of 12% for Dynamic Discounting and a 2% CashflowTM Discount.

2 - The supplier enables CashflowTM on their account

3 - An invoice is approved and eligible for early payment from this supplier.

4 - If liquidity is available for the DD program based on the configured liquidity limits (see Liquidity Limits), this offer on this invoice will be automatically accepted at the rate of 10% with Dynamic Discounting. If there is no liquidity available and Supply Chain Financing is enabled and active for this supplier, then Supply Chain Financing will be leveraged for the early payment.


Creating a Rate Group and Assigning A Supplier

Assigning a supplier to a rate group makes the supplier eligible for early payment.
Note: If a rate group already exists for a desired supplier’s rate, then skip to step 7 for supplier assignment.

1 - From the homepage, select Payables > Payables Financing.

User-added image

2 - Select the New Rate Group button

User-added image

Note: Certain rate groups are created at account creation. The eligible funding types and rates of these rate groups may be edited at any time.

Note: The ability to create and edit rate groups is restricted to Admin and Cash Manager users.

3 - Enter the name of the rate group and select the checkboxes of the eligible funding types

  • Dynamic Discounting
  • Supply Chain Financing

User-added image

4 - If Dynamic Discounting is an eligible funding type, select the type of rate to be set

  • Variable - The rate will be determined by the benchmark index rate applicable to the currency of the invoice (ex. SOFR - Secured Overnight Financing Rate) plus a desired margin (ie spread)
  • Fixed - The rate will remain constant, regardless of industry rates.

User-added image

5 - If Dynamic Discounting is an eligible funding type, enter the applicable spread/rate information

  • Spread (bps) - The additional charge (in basis points) added to the reference rate that will be used to calculate the interest charge to suppliers on early payments
    • Note this field is only present when the Rate Type is Variable
  • Rate (bps) - The static rate (in basis points) used to calculate the interest charge to suppliers on early payments
    • Note this field is only present when the Rate Type is Fixed
  • Cashflow Discount (optional) - If a supplier turns on CashflowTM to automate their acceptance of early payments, this amount (in basis points) is subtracted from their rate before calculating the interest charge

Note: One basis point is equivalent to 0.01% (1/100th of a percent) or 0.0001 in decimal form. A value of 1000 basis points in this field is the equivalent of a 10.00% rate.

User-added image

Note: If suppliers assigned to the rate group have CashflowTM enabled, editing the spread/rate could cause a disruption in CashflowTM for these suppliers. When suppliers enable CashflowTM, they agree to accept early payments at their specified rate automatically. Early payments will no longer be automatically accepted if the rate is no longer better than or equivalent to the rate the supplier agreed to.

6 - Select to create the rate group

7 - Navigate to Supplier Assignment

User-added image

8 - Select the checkbox next to the supplier who requires rate group assignment

User-added image

Note: In the table, the checkbox next to Supplier Name selects all suppliers available in the table (based on the filters used). 

9 - Select the Assign to Rate Group button

User-added image

10 - Select the applicable rate group name and click Assign

User-added image


Payables Financing Setup

Rate group creation and supplier assignment is one step within the set up of a Payables Financing program. See also Calendars, Liquidity Limits, and Business Unit Settings.

This Payables Financing setup may be used regardless of ERP type. Companies using the Taulia  Add-on for SAP Integration Suite, Managed Gateway, or Release 5.0 (or later) of the Taulia Add-on for SAP require no setup steps within their SAP instance. Companies with a previous release of the Taulia Add-on for SAP require setup of one rate group within their SAP instance to be able to utilize the Taulia Payables Financing UI. 


Removing A Supplier From Early Payments

1 - From the homepage, select Payables > Payables Financing

User-added image

2 - Navigate to Supplier Assignment

User-added image

3 - Select the checkbox next to the supplier who requires being removed from early payments.

User-added image

4 - Select the Unassign button

User-added image

5 - Select to unassign this supplier

User-added image

Marking a Supplier as Out of Scope

Suppliers can be indicated as “Out of Scope” to ensure that they are not accidentally added to a DD or SCF rate group.

1 - From the homepage, select Payables > Payables Financing

User-added image

2 - Navigate to Supplier Assignment

User-added image

3 - Select the checkbox next to the supplier who requires being marked as “Out of Scope.”

4 - Select the Assign to Rate Group button

User-added image

5 - Select “Out of Scope” and then click “Assign”

User-added image

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