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Honda - How do I invoice a PO with multiple Ship To addresses?: 000007988

Article Number: 000007988

When you have a PO that has multiple Ship To addresses you must invoice each address on that PO separately.

Go to Create invoice.

User-added image

Find the PO you would like to invoice.

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If you click the PO number and there is no Ship To address listed in the top right corner of the screen there are multiple ship to addresses associated with this PO. To view the Ship To address associated with each line of that PO, please, click “Details” at the end of each line.

User-added image
By clicking the “Details” button you are able to see the address that is associated with that particular line.

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Close that screen and click on the Create invoice button for that PO.

In the header section of your invoice you will see a “Change Ship To Address” option. Click this to select the appropriate address.

User-added image
From the drop down select the Ship To address that corresponds to the line you are invoicing.

User-added image

After you have selected the correct address, click on “Apply”
Taulia will now take you back to the create invoice screen and the Ship To address you selected will appear. Make sure you remove any lines that do not correspond to the Ship To address you selected.

User-added image

You can now complete your invoice and submit.


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