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Colgate-Palmolive - How to create a PO based invoice.: 000005813

Article Number: 000005813

Follow the instructions below to create a PO based invoice for Colgate-Palmolive

Note - If you are not able to find the PO that you need to invoice in the portal, please contact your buyer.

1 - From the portal homepage, select Create Invoice.

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2 - Search for the PO you want to invoice then select Create Invoice.

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3 - From the invoice creation screen, enter the following invoice header information:

-Invoice Number
-Invoice Date
-Delivery Note (Required if the PO number starts with 45 or 55. Typically for freight/customer duties vendors)
     - If you enter the Delivery Note in the header section, it is not required in the line item.
-Bill of Lading (Required if the PO number starts with 45 or 55. Typically for freight/customer duties vendors)
     - If you enter the Delivery Note in the header section, it is not required in the line item.
-Downpayment Req (Select the box if the invoice is a downpayment request)
-Change Remit To Address (If you do not have a bank account registered under My Details > Bank Accounts, select this link to enter your remit-to address for payment.)

User-added image

4 - Edit the following fields in the line item(s)

-Quantity (if needed) that you need to invoice.
-Unit Price (Do not edit. If the price is incorrect, contact your buyer)
-Delivery Note & Bill Of Lading (Required if the PO number starts with 45 or 55. Typically for freight/customer duties vendors. If you enter this information in the line item instead of the invoice header, this information will be required in every line item)

Note - If there are line items in the PO that you currently do not want to invoice, select X to remove the line item.

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*Some Canadian POs may contain taxable and non-taxable line items. Select which line items are non-taxable by selecting the Non-Taxable box. You will need to calculate tax only for the taxable line items:

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5 - Some countries may be presented with the compliance information in the footer section of the invoice. The fields you need to fill out depends on your invoicing country. You can also manage this information under My Details > Compliance Settings to enable the fields to populate automatically for future invoices. 

Number of registration
Town of registration
Share Capital
Court of registration
Chairman/Managing Director/Board Members
Liable Company.

See Compliance Settings for more information on how to fill out each compliance field.

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6 - Under Additional Items, you can add additional charges for freight, packing, etc.

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7- Select Upload Attachment to attach supporting documentation to your invoice.

8 - Enter the Sales Tax total.

9 - If available, select the Pay Me Early Option box to get paid as soon as the invoice is approved in exchange for a small discount.

9 - Select Submit Invoice. Once the invoice is submitted, you can track the status by going to the My Invoices section of the portal.

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