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AR Financing Receivables Payments: 000010699

Article Number: 000010699

Taulia’s Receivables Payments page allows you to download a comprehensive report of AR Financing remittance data, view all sent and received payments related to your AR Financing program, and both search for and view details of any singular payment and its associated invoices.

Note: The Receivables navigation dropdown and associated experiences are only available to companies with a Taulia AR Financing program to view AR Financing invoices. To view invoices associated with your buyer’s early payment program, visit the Customers navigation item.

This article includes the following topics:
Downloading an AR Financing Remittance Report
AR Financing Payments Download Details
Viewing Sent and Received AR Financing Payments

Downloading an AR Financing Remittance Report

1 - From the homepage, select Receivables > Payments.

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2 - Select the Export these results button.

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Note: To download the details of a specific payment, first use the filters to search for the payment. Then, select the checkbox of the payment. Finally, click the Export these results button.

3 - Select All available columns and check the Include invoice information checkbox. Then, click the Export .csv button.

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Note: Exporting payments will bring you to the Document Exports page, and an email will be sent when the file is ready to be downloaded.

To limit the data in the report, you may select Visible columns or deselect Include invoice information within the Export modal before clicking the Export .csv button. Selecting Visible columns limits the columns in the report regarding the payment to the columns on the screen. Selecting All available columns ensures that all payment details for the selected payments are in the report. Selecting the Include invoice information checkbox ensures that all invoice details related to the selected payments are in the report. Deselecting the Include invoice information checkbox limits the columns and rows in the report to only payment details.

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4 - From the Document Exports page, select the Download File button to download the file in .csv.

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Note: You may also download payment and invoice data from the Download button on the Payment Details screen, accessed by selecting a payment on the Payments screen, or from the Download Payment Details button on the Invoice Details screen of an invoice that has at least one associated payment, accessed by selecting an invoice from the Receivables Invoices screen.

AR Financing Payments Download Details

If you selected All available columns and Include invoice information for your download, the download will contain the following details:

  • Payment Reference Number
  • Payment Date
    • Note: This is formatted as MM/DD/YY
  • Business Unit
  • Payment Amount
  • Currency
  • Payment Method
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Account Holder
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Country/Region
  • Document Number
  • Document Reference Number
  • Invoice Due Date
    • Note: This is formatted as MM/DD/YY
  • Invoice Amount
  • Payment Type
  • Amount Applied
  • Reserve
  • Advanced Amount
  • Discount
  • Reserve Percent
  • Repayment Due Date
    • Note: This is formatted as MM/DD/YY
  • Discount Percentage
  • Days Accelerated
  • Interest Rate
  • Reference Rate Name
  • Reference Rate
  • Credit Margin

Viewing Sent and Received AR Financing Payments

On the Receivables Payments page, you can view all payments your company has sent and received related to your AR Financing program.

Note: Only payments that Taulia has reconciled will appear on this page.

Note: Certain payment types may not be accessible based on your program’s setup. If you believe a payment to be missing from this page, check with your Taulia Customer Success Manager.

1 - From the homepage, select Receivables > Payments

User-added image

2 - You can view your sent and received AR Financing payments from this page. You can filter by Reference Number, Payment Date, Document Reference Number, Business Unit, Amount, Currency, or Payment Method to find a specific payment or group of payments. Each Reference Number in the table is clickable to view further payment details. 

User-added image

From the Payment Details page, you may view details of the payment as well as the invoices associated with the payment. The Download from this page is a *.csv file of all the payment and invoice details associated with the payment being viewed.

User-added image

Note: Payment amounts with parentheses [i.e., displaying as “(€84,260.28)”] indicate the amount is being sent from your company rather than sent to your company.

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