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Q. Is my information secure in Taulia?: 000003621

Article Number: 000003621

You supplier master data such as your company address, bank accounts, tax identifiers, certifications, and contact information are secured in Taulia.   

Taulia secures your data by using the following security protocols:

Secure Registration Authentication

Taulia’s registration process uses two levels of authentication to ensure that you are the supplier who is doing business with that buyer.  First, Taulia uses the vendor contact information provided by the buyer to issue the security token.  Secondly, in order to complete your profile on the Supplier Portal and use the features, you must successfully answer several questions that only you and your buyer know.  

Industry-standard SSL encryption

You always connect to the Taulia Supplier Portal with your browser through an industry standard encryption via SSL. Therefore, all information you enter or receive is transmitted to you through a secured channel from our servers. We use industry standard SSL certificates with the highest currently available (256k) encryption.

Daily security scans

Our website is scanned on a daily basis by an authorized third party using advanced scanning methods that are approved for the Pay Card Industry (PCI). 

SSAE 16 SOC1 Type 2  audited

Taulia is regularly audited for SSAE 16 SOC1 type 2  compliance. Contact Taulia to receive the most current SSAE 16 SOC1 assessment report. 

To safeguard the supplier authentication process, Taulia currently enforces minimum password length and complexity requirements and also has an adaptive lockout system to prevent password guessing. This lockout system allows up to 3 password guesses before presenting the user with anti-bot and anti-automation technology. The user is then allowed 2 additional password guesses (provided they pass anti-bot checks) before their account is locked out. Given the password complexity requirements, the 5 attempt maximum is an effective control ensuring the security of supplier passwords.

Click here to download additional information about Taulia's architecture and security features.

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