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Q. How do I create a shipment notice? (ASN): 000003628

Article Number: 000003628

Note - This feature may not be available in your portal.

When enabled by your customer, you can create Advanced Shipping Notices within the Taulia Supplier Portal to effectively receive and track shipments. Having an ASN can speed up the goods receipt process, allowing your customer to quickly approve your invoices.

ASNs are associated with specific POs. After creating an ASN in the portal, you can download and print it to attach to your package.

Do the following to create an ASN:

1 - Locate a PO for which you want to create an ASN. This can be done directly from the PO Details screen or the Actions menu. You can also click on Purchase Orders > Create Shipment Notice:

User-added image

2 - Select ASN next to the PO you are creating the ASN for:

User-added image

3 - Enter the ASN details:

  • ASN Number
  • Carrier
  • Shipping Date
  • Expected Arrival Date

4 - Edit the quantity you are confirming that is shipped. If there is a line item that you are not confirming, select the trash can icon to remove it form this notice. Select the pencil icon to add additional comments about your line item shipment:

User-added image

5 - Select Submit ASN to generate the ASN. The ASN will then be routed to your customer's accounts payable system for confirmation.

6 - After submitting the ASN, you can check and print the ASN plus monitor the ASN status from the portal by going to Purchase Orders > My Shipments:

User-added image


7 - Look for the ASN you created. From the ASN line item, click Download PDF. You can then print the ASN and attach it to your shipment. The ASN will include all relevant information about your shipment, including a barcode for tracking purposes by your customer:

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