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Q. How do I start/stop receiving email notifications?: 000003472

Article Number: 000003472

The Taulia platform generates email notifications against certain activities from your account. You might receive an email notification when there is a new PO available if there is a new payment, when there is an offer to get paid early, and more! The good news is that you can control most of the email notifications that come from Taulia. The only ones you can't control are notification types necessary to the operations of your account.

You can manage your email notifications by doing the following:

1 - Log onto the Home page of the portal.

2 - Go to User Action Menu > Notifications from the top right menu.

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3 - You will see the Notifications Preferences section, where you can manage your email notifications. The available notifications you see are the email types* you can control:

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*available email types depend on the features available to you on the platform

Email Setting Definitions:

Some options may not be available. Setting availability depends on your customer.

  • New Purchase Order - Be notified when there is a new purchase order available.
  • Purchase Order Change - Be notified if your buyer makes a change to a purchase order.
  • Purchase Order Confirmation - Be notified if a purchase order needs confirmation.
  • New Message - Be notified when your customer sends you a message in the portal.
  • New Payment - Be notified of a new payment remittance.
  • Early Payment Available - Be notified if your invoice is available for early payment.
  • Early Payment Accepted - Be notified when your early payment request has been approved.
  • Early Payment Rejected - Be notified when your early payment request has been rejected.
  • Invoice Submission Failed - Be notified if your invoice submission fails. Please review the reason for the failure.
  • Invoice Rejected - Be notified if your invoice is rejected by your customer. Contact your customer if you have questions.
  • eSend Invoice Needs Attention - Be notified If your eSend submitted invoice fails submission. Please review the invoice.
  • eSend Invoice Accepted - Be notified when your eSend invoice is accepted.
  • eFile Document Submission Reports - Be notified when the eFile invoice submission report is ready. Please review the report.
  • Taulia Newsletter & Educational Content - Be notified of Taulia educational materials.

4 - Choose the email notification to activate/deactivate.

If you use the portal for more than one customer or you have multiple supplier accounts from your customer,  you can also opt in/out of email notifications from each of the supplier branches/accounts you have:

1 - From the Notifications Preferences page, you will see a list of your customers.

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2 - Select the customer you want to manage the email notifications for. You will then see what branches within your customer you have access to:

3 - Choose to activate/deactivate the email notifications from each branch. If you turn off the notification from the branch section, you will not receive any notification emails for that branch based on the settings you have from the Notifications Preferences section. For example, if you have a New Purchase Order notification disabled, you will not be notified if there is a new purchase order from the customer branch you disabled.

If you have other questions or issues related to email notifications, please contact Taulia Support.

Additional FAQs

I disabled all my email setting options but I am still receiving notifications. Why?

There are email notifications that you cannot control/disable for as long as your account is active. These are email notifications that are important to your account. Some samples of the email notification types you can't disable are:

  • Bank change confirmation
  • Email change confirmation
  • Merge account notifications 

What email notifications should I enable?

You should enable email notifications based on your needs. If you work in fulfillment, you may want to have New Purchase Order notifications enabled. If you work in AR, you may want to have Invoice Rejected notifications enabled. The email notification types available to you in the platform depend on the features your customer offers through Taulia.

Do I need to do anything when I receive an email notification?

The purpose of the email notifications is to inform you of the activities in your account. You have the choice to disable these notifications. What you do with certain email notifications depends on your customer's business processes. For example, some customers deliver POs through Taulia for invoicing purposes only. This means suppliers don't fulfill new PO notifications they receive through Taulia. On the other hand, some customers use Taulia for fulfillment and invoicing purposes. Suppliers use Taulia to get notified of new POs and use Taulia to electronically invoice against a PO.

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