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Q. How do I merge/combine my Taulia accounts into one?: 000003598

Article Number: 000003598

Account merging allows you to access multiple accounts in Taulia using a single email account. Your company may have multiple supplier entities for a single customer OR multiple supplier entities for different customers on Taulia.

Note -  If you need to gain access to another account without using the merge feature, a different email address will need to be used to access the other account. Contact the account admin of the account you need access to and provide a different email address that is not being used for any existing Taulia account.

Let's look at the following non-merged account situation:

  • Supplier Entity 1 is used to access Taulia Customer 1 

  • Supplier Entity 2 is used to access Taulia Customer 1

  • Supplier Entity 3 is used to access Taulia Customer 2

Some supplier companies might have different entities (e.g., Ltd, Inc, LLC etc.) that do business with the same customer on Taulia. Each supplier entity will have a different group of users for each Taulia customer. Users are only able to access the customer accounts they are enrolled under. 

User-added image

But what if there are multiple Supplier Entities and there is a desire to consolidate access to all accounts? This is when account merging becomes useful.

On a merged account, users from all accounts will only need to use their current login information/user account to access the accounts that are merged. Once the accounts are merged, all current users will have access to all combined clients. They just have to choose which account they would like to access. Which ever role the user had before combining the account will remain the same. For example, if the user was an admin from their originating account, they will remain an admin in the merged account.

User-added image

To start the merge process, please do the following. 

1 -  Go to Settings > User Manager.

User-added image
2 - Click on the Invite New User button.

User-added image

3 -
Enter the email address of an admin user from the other account you want to merge with.

User-added image

4 - Click on Merge accounts? hyperlink. If the system determines that the company data between your two accounts matches, you will be redirected to step 6. If they do not match, you will need to enter the login credentials for the second account in step 5. 

User-added image

5 - Enter the login credentials of the other account admin and click Continue.

User-added image

6 - Click Merge Accounts.

User-added image

7 - You will receive a pop-up message confirming that the accounts were merged.

User-added image

8 - Once the accounts are merged, you can view merged accounts using the same email address. Click here to see how to access your other accounts once they are merged.

If you need additional assistance regarding merging your accounts, please contact Taulia Support.

Additional FAQs

Are we required to merge our accounts?

No. If you have multiple Taulia accounts for different customers, you can continue to access those accounts using a different email address for each account. If you would like to use a single email account to access all your accounts, then merging your accounts is best.

Will merging my accounts combine the data with my other Taulia accounts?

No. Your data for each account will remain completely separate. The benefit of having a merge account is making it easy to access multiple Taulia accounts using a single email account.

Can I manage my email notifications separately along with our account users?

In a merged account, email notifications are managed globally. Let's say you have Buyer A, B, and C in a merged account. If the New Payment notification is disabled from Buyer A, then the New Payment notification is automatically disabled in Buyer B and C. This rule applies to individual user profiles only.

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